Olivia Leland

Olivia is a reader, runner, and obsessive. When she isn’t working herself up about influenza pandemics, the innate self destructive tendencies of the human race, and ordering food, she attends school. She’s currently working towards a B.S. in Biophysics and intends on attending a doctoral program after graduating.

To see pictures of her cats and watch her ruin her hair, follow her on Instagram @stylizedreading or Twitter @vanillaoldie.

Brooke Grad.jpg

Brooke Morris

Brooke wishes she had more interesting things to say about herself for the purposes of this bio. A performer since she was a wee babe, her craving for attention and validation makes her the perfect Podcast host! When she isn’t feeding her cats, petting her cats, or trying to get stuff out of her cats’ mouths, she somewhat miraculously works at a job that is remotely related to her English major.

She will be milking the use of this rad graduation pic for as long as it is appropriate to look like a recent grad. Classy!

You can watch her life implode in real time on Instagram @bigmoodbrooke or on Twitter @the_open_brooke.