Our Worst Apartment Experiences and How We Coped (or Tried To)

What’s small and muggy and full of black mold?

As it turns out, both of our apartments!

This week we decided to allow Olivia some room to breathe while she preps for and takes her GRE, so we substituted the first episode of Snake Oil Salesmen for the long-awaited Leasing Companies Minisode.

This one relies pretty heavily on the Presentation of it all, so I highly encourage you give this absolute beast of an episode a listen. You can look forward to two tales told in excruciating and meticulous detail - one about the management team from hell which didn’t seem to care that maintenance had made Brooke’s apartment a health hazard, and the other about an entire year of microaggressions and typical crumbling Los Angeles housing. Does empty bureaucratic sentiment make you want to vomit? Do mold and asbestos and silver fish make your skin crawl? Are you terrified by creaking elevators, cracks in the walls, and a complete disregard for human health and safety? But even more so - are you turned on by long emails filled to the brim with legalese and civil codes? Then this is absolutely the episode for you. Or, you know, maybe you just want to hear about how we suffered. That’s also fair.

Here’s a fun little game to get your motor running if you’re still not sure! One of the following two things actually happened in one of our apartments: a mattress had been sliced open and used as storage for cash, or the top drawer of a nightstand was filled with marijuana tar on move-in. Which one is true? Guess you’ll have to find out!

For news’ sake, we have a big thank you to one of our patrons - who generously and hilariously upped their donation to $25 a month after gently defending Comic Sans for its many valid uses. Thank you!! Also - after we wrap up our last minisode in the Snake Oil Salesmen series, we’re going to pack it in for another month-long hiatus so Olivia can take her GREs and apply to grad school, and Brooke can adjust to her brand new 9-5 (cue Dolly Parton). We’ll pause our Patreon, take a well-needed break, and come back fresh as daisies for the next season of terrifying tidbits.

And in the meantime - if you have a horrifying leasing company/landlord story - SHARE THAT SHIT. We thrive on knowing that we are not alone in our struggles.

Brooke Morris